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What makes breakups so effing hard?

Intimate relationships can open up the most vulnerable side of us and, when they end, a grieving process begins, which can be very difficult to navigate. How quickly and easily we recover depends on various aspects, including our support system and our resilience capacity.


Regardless of the specifics of your current situation, a chapter has ended and a new one has begun. The programmes here will guide you as you deliberately create a new story for yourself. 


The Breakup Artist

That's an easy one. First of all, fate brought you here and, when you're stuck at the bottom of a pit and the Universe sends you a rope, you grab it. Second, I have been transforming pain into fuel since I was a child. So much so that, by the time I was 18, I was developing theories and leading talks on the purpose of emotional hardship in one's life. Eventually, this led me to develop clinical and emotional well-being programs for a billion-dollar corporation, which are still available worldwide to millions of people today.

Now it sounds like I'm bragging, but you may need this information to trust me as someone who actually knows what they're doing and, I must say, it does indeed validate me as an expert. But that's not what makes me special at what I do. You can't be called The Breakup Artist, just because you have a relevant CV. What I do is more like alchemy - I know how to transform crap into gold and, newsflash... I didn't learn that in books or in school. I learnt it the hard way, through experience. What I give my clients is not theory, it's practice. 

Now, my final point is that I won't sell you dreams. I'm not interested in presenting myself as the perfect woman with the perfect life, who will intimidate the crap out of you and use your insecurities and personal wounds to get you to spend your cash on my services. I see that everywhere and I understand the business value of it, but I happen to actually care about empowering you. Day after day, session after session, we will walk together towards the light at the end of the tunnel, using every failure as a stepping stone to success. Are you ready?





PS: I didn't include pictures of me because privacy and discretion are crucial in what I do. 

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All the programmes available here are built on research-based methods, which have proven to be successful to support people through grief, reduce feelings of anxiety, uplift moods, and help to create a vision and take action toward a brighter future. If you commit to making small changes, and sustain regular efforts, expect to notice long-lasting results rapidly. 

These programs can stand alone or be combined with one-to-one coaching. Both ways work and this decision should be based on your personal learning style, as well as your current needs. 

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