You got this.

You're here because you're looking for something. Maybe you know what that is, maybe you don't. Maybe you're coming today with an issue to solve, a goal to achieve, or a block to remove. And then again, maybe it's just a sensation... a strong feeling that something is missing or not quite adding up. Whatever brought you here, welcome.This is most probably the beginning of a new chapter for you- but you will only know this to be true in hindsight. In the meantime, whoever you are, whatever your story is, I suggest that you stick around; it's cosy up here. And... Who knows? This may actually change your life.

"Free at last,

free at last..."

The Higher Method is a simple, step-by-step methodology that combines uncomplicated, clinical sciences and logical spiritual concepts to help you reach the next level of yourself. No B.S., no dogma, no affiliations, no unnecessary blah blah- just pure actionable and solution-focused guidance, to help you find your own answers.









Let me be real here... I created the Higher Method because I couldn’t find anything out there that suited my own spiritual and personal growth needs.

Personal development is a priority. It is the foundation of everything else in your life. While all external things are impermanent, relationships, status, jobs, even health, they all come and go- your inner self remains. And trust me when I say that, how well you will manage those ups and downs, relies on how strong your inner work is. So, drop the fronting and join us to build your true power. 


Everything you are looking for is right in front of you- it's actually so close that most of us fail to see it. You know... like... when you can't find your glasses because you are already wearing them? It's that kind of situation and, like a dog chasing its tail, we easily get lost in cycles of searching and not finding. 

I don't know if you're like me but, personally, I don't believe in anything I don't experience for myself. This is why in the Higher Method, instead of giving you fish, I teach you how to catch fish yourself. I will give you the tools, show you the way and let you put two and two together. 

Most spiritual teachings "tell us" how it is and, in this way, we are expected to just follow the leader and believe whatever is said to us, without necessarily truly understanding. See, understanding comes with experience. 



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